Her second wish

Chapter 3

After 7 days…

When finally all the rituals and customs got finish, we went to Bora-Bora Island. Yepieee.. My dream place.. Where I always wanted to be for my pre-wedding, but with some one else.

Same place…..same photographer…same dress…all the things were same as I dreamt but……my partner….. Was different. It was really an irony that at my dream place…. I was feeling suffocated…..That dream is now a nightmare.
I wanted to stay at this place for rest of my life.. But…. It’s next to impossible.

Anyways….. As I have started my new life, it’s high time to put the stupid thoughts and wishes in a bottle and throw them into an ocean

Back to home…….

Who knows when takes U-turn. The things which we left behind…..just suppose…if they come back with surprise. How difficult it will be for us to deal with that situation? How will be react?

I don’t know what to do… But…. I have to do something…. As my incomplete story is standing in front of me with bouquet.

what the hell, he is doing here?? ” I said only in my mind… But my face was blank.. And angry too.

Hey…. What’s up dear? ” he said while shaking hand.

Without changing my face expression I said “Good and you.? By the way.. What are you doing here?? “

well.. You didn’t invite me on your wedding and as a Friend it’s my right and duty to wish you and give you blessing

-” Dude are you kidding me????

-“of course not !!! We have studied together. We have spent almost 16 years together, in school and college. And now.. You didn’t even tell me that you are getting married !! .!!…!!”

-“everything happened so fast i didn’t get much time. “

-“Anyways… Now don’t you please tell me that you are not even gonna to ask me about tea or coffee ?!!!!”

-“Not at all.. Meet my husband Mr. Abhimanyu Singh. And yes.. Have a seat”

They shaked hands and started talking.

It was so much difficult for me to control my emotions. Finally… When finally i left everything and I started my new life….. From where the hell he came. From last 3 years.. When I was dying without him… When I always wanted him… At that time… Where was he..? And why he came now… And from where he got my address..??? ” I really wanted to know all this. But.. As my whole family was there i was unable to do this..

To be continued

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