Who is more important?

I just finished Ravinder singh’s novel “Will you still love me”
It sounds like a love story but it is beyond a love story. A Love Story with a lesson.
I am writing this post because I want to share what I learnt from his novel

How many of us knows how to drive a car or how to ride a bike and scooty too.
Probably all.
And how many of us follows rules? Traffic rules basically ??
May be only few….
And those who follows. .. only follow these rules in front of cops. So they don’t have to pay fine.
To save ourselves from fine/challan, we wear helmet and fasten seat belts. When there is no one on road….we don’t.

Is money more important than our life ??

I’m going to ask you something.
Be loyal and answer to yourself.

-> who is the most important person in your life ?
-> what you can do for him/her?
-> can you sacrifice your life for him/her?
-> what if…. you get separated from him/her?
-> what if… he/she loses his/her life in an accident? Road accident?
-> what if…they struggle between life and death because of an accident?

It’s terrible….
Yes, it’s too scary even to imagine.

But guys !!!!
It happens. On daily basis.
Every morning we go out from our house in hope to return back. We often say; I will do this in evening. While leaving home for a daily job, a father promises his children to bring some gifts for them.
For the whole day, a wife waits for her husband to return back safely. A mother prays for her son’s well being.

But….not always their prays work.

Everyday, a hope , promise , trust breaks. And on the top of it… a life ends.

We all like speed. We want to drive fast as much as possible. We consider ourselves expert. But guys, do you have full faith that the guy next to you is an expert driver??

If you are driving your car at 80km/h…may be you are able to handle it..but…who knows if any barrier comes in front of you.

What will happen next…we all know.

To the boys:
Who consider themselves cool dudes;;
You don’t like to wear helmet. Right?.why? Because it can ruin your hairstyle.
Well yes!!!
Remember. ..
Helmet has a power to save your life.
What is more worthy….. your hair or life ?

To all the gorgeous girls;
You care about a lot of things. To protect your face from sun rays, you cover your face with a scarf and also wear sunglasses.
No doubt, these things will help to protect your skin but
Not your life..
When you meet an accident.
But while wearing helmet the chance getting injured….will definitely reduce.

Most of the parents give permission to their young kids to ride bike and drive car. They teach them riding and driving at earlier age. There is nothing bad in it.
But the thing that is bad: when parents allow them to go on road. Firstly driving/riding before 18 years is a crime.
Secondly, the chances of accident increase.
Unskilled driver drive cars on full speed…as they are young blood. But..this young is responsible of more than 40% of accidents.

Using mobile while riding/driving is not a talent. Just because you manage to do two things….it’s an act of foolish rather than smartness

We all ride/drive very fast because we want to reach at our destination on time. But guys..
What if…..
We wake up 15 minutes earlier than our daily routine. What if….. we show our speed in activities like finishing our food and dressing up.
So, when we do this….we don’t need to ride/drive fast.

HELMET: it is neither a thing to hang on bike nor a thing to save ourselves from fine.

It is a thing to protect our life. To lower the level of risk.

are not fasten when any cop is observing us.
But it is thing which we need to fasten because for someone…our life means whole world to them.

Talking/texting while riding/driving all things are nothing in front of our life.

We cannot stop things from happen.
Death…..it is written. But….. safety is in our hands.

Our life is on top…not only for us but also for our close ones.

Before putting press on accelerator….just remember. ..
Someone is waiting for you at home



2 thoughts on “Who is more important?

  1. yes agree with that
    nd boys should tie turbans if they do not want to wear helmet.
    that will enhance there personality
    kids should be restricted
    most of the accidents happens only boz of teenagers

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