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3 quote challenge

3 day quote challenge

Firstly ,thanks kaby for nominating me for 3 day quote challenge. It’s really an interesting challenge, write favourite quote and meaning of that quote in your life. Quite interesting.
So here’s my turn.

Wait..what’s the rules. .

-thanks the person who nominated you

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My quote

Yes… Everything happens, happen for a reason.
I do believe in it, from last few months. Last year,I completed my secondary education. like my other friends, I too have a dream to study abroad. I appeared in IELTS exam and got fantastic bands. And my marks in 12th standard are also good. I applied for my dream college Seneca in Canada. My scores were more than there requirement. I made all the plans but…tables turned. I didn’t get my offer letter from college. I don’t know why.? I still don’t know. I was upset.. Very much.

Then one day…

I was sitting alone and this thought came in my mind. I started connecting things. And then… I turned tables.

Whatever is in my destiny no one can steal it from me and whatever I don’t have, I can’t get.

From very beginning, I have interest in writing and reading. I want to be writer and motivational speaker. I have collection of thoughts. So, instead of waiting for 5 years to complete college and then start working on my writing , I decided to do this now. I created my own quote page on Instagram. Then I made this blog ,where I write about truth and short stories.

Now, I’m not worried about my future because I know, behind every damn act, there is reason.

We just need to think and look on positive side.

God always has a great plan for us. Believe in God.
Today, I’m well known figure among people and all thanks to seneca college. Because if I got my offer letter that day, may be today I would be making assignments rather than blogging.

So, delay in offer letter, opens the doors of new chapter in my life.


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her second wish

Her second wish

Cahpter 4

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I came back from kitchen with cups of coffee and cookies. I discovered Abhimanyu enjoying his company. They seem old college buddies. Though I was surprised , I joined them. The topic of conversation flew from world tour to college days, from here to there. Atmosphere became quite warm and suddenly abhi’s phone rang and he left us for while.

Look Rohan, thanks alot for coming. I appreciate this. But….. You exist nowhere in my life. We were together… But now things have changed. I am married now and abhi is my life now. So, it’s better for you to leave us.. Let past be past… “ I said softly to him.

-“But. Give me a chance.”

-“good bye. ”

-“okay fine… Sorry whatever I have done. I know, I was wrong. …… Stay blessed and i am sorry. “.

He stood up and shaked hand with me, while waved bye to abhi as he was still on phone.


Me and abhi were having dinner. I was in my thoughts when he interrupted me and said “Is anything bothering you??? “

I just nodded.

-“Come on. You can share with me. I know I’m not good in solving problems but yes I’m a good listener.

-“Abhi….. There is something , I need to tell you. “

He stood up and sat next to me and hold my hands.

The guy.. Who visited us today. He…. We were in relationship for 6 years. From 1st standard to almost last day of college, we were together. I fell in love with him when i was in 10th standard and our story continued till i got job in IBM. Things were good between us but, suddenly, he became different guy. As i got selected for IBM in U. S. A while he was placed at Infosys. This was the turning point in our relationship. Normal talks became argument. Basic reason was my career. He didn’t want me to work. According to him…. “girls don’t need to work in MNC’s.” He didn’t accept my dreams. Fights and insecurities increased. We stopped talking to each other. Last 6 months of graduation were so difficult for me to handle. I was unable to concentrate on my studies. His behaviour was rude and things weren’t balanced. The pressure went so high in my mind that i went into depression and got hospitalised for 2 weeks. As soon as my college completed , I decided to leave India. I went to the U.S.A for new start. But, it wasn’t easy. Being together for so many years , it was difficult to take a fresh step. I started calling and texting him… But.. All my texts and calls were unanswered. It was my dream to spend life with him and now my life was lifeless without him. I couldn’t live without him. I came back to India, for the last time to fix things. I wanted him back in my life. Every damn second i had dream and thoughts of him. I wanted to give us second chance. I went to his place to surprise him and what i discovered was unexpected. I was loyal from day one and i thought same about him. But he wasn’t. He was with another girl on bed. I was shocked and slapped him but didn’t explain anything. He had no guilt for his acts. .………..

Rest of the story.. You know very well. ”
He hold both my hands tight and whipped my tears. His words… His words were like energy drink.

Look baby.. I know I’m not perfect for you. But yes, I’m trying to make our relationship strong and i also know that you are trying very hard too. There are somethings we can’t control. Sometimes, things are beyond control doesn’t matter , we try hard. Let past be past. He meant nothing to you that’s why he isn’t there. May be God wrote our story together that’s why I’m with you. Past is bad. Soo, let’s make our present and future beautiful. “

He kissed on my forehead and we were set to write new chapter of our life. Beyond past and uncomplete wishes.







Humanity VS Religion (where we stand)

At the age of 8, when a girl should play with toys, 4 men played with her life. She has been raped and killed.

In early January, Asifa Bano, an 8-year-old girl in a purple dress, was grazing her horses in a meadow in Kashmir when a man beckoned her

into a forest. She followed. He grabbed her by the neck and forced her to take sleeping pills. With the help of a friend, they say, he dragged her to a nearby temple and locked her inside.
For the next three days, the two men and at least one other raped her, again and again. In the end, she was strangled, after one of the men allegedly insisted on raping her one last time.
Days later, Asifa’s crumpled body was found in the forest, in the same purple dress, now smeared with blood.

#Crime inside Hindu temple

That Hindu temple is at the center of the crime makes this case even more combustible.According to police ,Sanji Ram, the temple’s custodian, devised the plan as a way to terrorize the Bakarwals, and that he enlisted a nephew and some friends to kidnap and kill Asifa. Police say they believe Asifa was selected simply because she was by herself and “a soft target.”

For generations, Bakarwal nomads, who drift with their herds across the plains and hills of northern India, have leased pastures from Hindu farmers for their animals to graze in winter. But in recent years, some Hindus in the Kathua area have begun a campaign of abuse against the nomads. Villagers said Ram was their ringleader.

They enlisted the police and went to the small temple where Ram works. He insisted that he had not seen the girl. The temple was locked. According to police, at that moment Asifa was being starved inside, hidden under a table and some plastic mats.

Mohammad Yusuf Pujwala, Asifa’s father, said his daughter was killed for one reason: to drive the Bakarwals away.
“But we have land here and live here,” he said. “This is home for us.” He sounded almost too tired to grieve.

That’s it.. This is the whole stroy of crime..

No…. There is beyond…. what you read above.

Asifa, a girl who belonged to a Muslim nomadic tribe, who didn’t even know the meaning of caste and religion, was raped by hindu men. It was not just another isolated, horrific episode of sexual violence in India, but a planned attack to drive Asifa’s nomadic community out of the area.
In India.. People are still fighting for religion and caste and on the top of it….crimes are done on the name of religion.

At this moment , nation should stand together… And actually people are together..but not as humans.. As hindu…as Muslim.. Why don’t we show our unity against crime? Why Every time our religion becomes more important than humanity.?

In India, it is very easy to use #hashtags, to do protest, to do march…. And strikes.. But it is very much difficult to get justice.
Even our #so_called_political_leaders use this terrible moments to get votes rather then helping victims in getting justice.

Humanity dies everyday in this world…. Justice is a name only in books….. #hashtages are only for trend…..

Do you think sending these monsters into jail will be true Justice.?

In many countries… These type of monsters are killed by people with stones.. Bullets.. And even they are tortured beyond worse.

-Not just share #hashtage post but also take steps.

It’s high time to choose between #Humanity or #Religion


Her second wish

Chapter 3

After 7 days…

When finally all the rituals and customs got finish, we went to Bora-Bora Island. Yepieee.. My dream place.. Where I always wanted to be for my pre-wedding, but with some one else.

Same place…..same photographer…same dress…all the things were same as I dreamt but……my partner….. Was different. It was really an irony that at my dream place…. I was feeling suffocated…..That dream is now a nightmare.
I wanted to stay at this place for rest of my life.. But…. It’s next to impossible.

Anyways….. As I have started my new life, it’s high time to put the stupid thoughts and wishes in a bottle and throw them into an ocean

Back to home…….

Who knows when takes U-turn. The things which we left behind…..just suppose…if they come back with surprise. How difficult it will be for us to deal with that situation? How will be react?

I don’t know what to do… But…. I have to do something…. As my incomplete story is standing in front of me with bouquet.

what the hell, he is doing here?? ” I said only in my mind… But my face was blank.. And angry too.

Hey…. What’s up dear? ” he said while shaking hand.

Without changing my face expression I said “Good and you.? By the way.. What are you doing here?? “

well.. You didn’t invite me on your wedding and as a Friend it’s my right and duty to wish you and give you blessing

-” Dude are you kidding me????

-“of course not !!! We have studied together. We have spent almost 16 years together, in school and college. And now.. You didn’t even tell me that you are getting married !! .!!…!!”

-“everything happened so fast i didn’t get much time. “

-“Anyways… Now don’t you please tell me that you are not even gonna to ask me about tea or coffee ?!!!!”

-“Not at all.. Meet my husband Mr. Abhimanyu Singh. And yes.. Have a seat”

They shaked hands and started talking.

It was so much difficult for me to control my emotions. Finally… When finally i left everything and I started my new life….. From where the hell he came. From last 3 years.. When I was dying without him… When I always wanted him… At that time… Where was he..? And why he came now… And from where he got my address..??? ” I really wanted to know all this. But.. As my whole family was there i was unable to do this..

To be continued

Hope you like

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Her second wish – part 2

Chapter 2

“Put these things here and just call the dj. All guests are there but where is he??” says my mother.

She is loud enough that I can her voice in room clearly even she is on ground floor. These voices are audible now as every one is busy in getting their things ready for party which is thrown by my lovely dad, as his ideal daughter is getting married…… Yes, I…….

I am getting married. Yesterday, I won “author of the year” award and today this marriage stuff. Well, when we have responsibilities then we have to do somethings whether we like or not. And specifically if we are in india. Once a girl grows up, her parents start finding a perfect match for her.

What is perfect match?

Having good job and property , looks not always matter, money matters more. In my case, fortunately he has everything. Good looks actually killing looks. He looks like a page 3 model. On our engagement ceremony , all my cousins went crazy for him. I will give him 9.0 out of 10 for his looks. He works in IBM company and this probably the most important factor. why my family selected him for me.
So, my family chosen him because of his well paid job, his looks, good family background , and also… because somewhere they forgot that I had better job than him. I was M.D. in IBM at the U.S.A. I quited that job because my family needed me. Being only child of parents, responsibilities increase . So, I stepped back from my position . And, in looks I will give myself 9.5 out of 10.

I am not comparing myself with him but the fact is, only job of boy matters. Why not the family of boy asks about girl’s job or even qualification. This is common.. We can’t change it.

My thoughts are interpretated by his call.

” Hiiiiiii sweeeetheart. What are you up to? “ he says when I pick up his call.

Giving final touches to makeup. Jewellery, wedding dress, hairstyle all done” I say in one breathe without taking a pause.

-” Wooooow… Woooooow…. Hold on bae. Easy. You are so much excited. My god!!!!! “

-” I’m. Aren’t you?

-” More than you. Can’t wait anymore for that moment . Being your husband is my only wish since I met you”

-“Oh my god…. Mr. Abhimanyu Singh, glad to know this. By the way. Have you done? Dress and all? “

-“Yes Mrs. Singh. All done. All set to departure. Get ready to welcome groom.”

-“Okay then…… Let me finish this. And…… This the last time we are talking to each other as individuals and next time we will talk as husband -wife. Come soon. Can’t wait.

-” I’m coming. Love you. “ and he hangs up.

“Uff…… This bridal dress. Too heavy. Why we need to wear this much of heavy stuff, can’t be get married in causal clothes.???? ” I ask mehak. (my best friend. Well, more than a Friend. She is my sister , my secret keeper and more than this. I can’t imagine my life without her.)

“ooh come on sweetie. Yor are handling so much secrets, you have hidden wishes. Can’t you handle this.?? Mentally you are so much strong but you need to be physically strong. ” she says.

Being mentally strong is really an achievement and I owe that. But after hearing words like secret and wishes..I get shiver. In the whole world, only Mehak knows everything about me. Even after knowing this,……sometimes she puts these topics in front of me and trust me at that moment I literally call her so-called-best-friend.

“well yes, I am mentally strong and trying physically too. ” i say while adjusting my dress.

“Tell me one thing. Why are you getting married? This is not what you wanted. Right? Then why? Why you said yes to him? Did you really forget your second wish? ” she says with an expression of confusion.

Stay turned.for next part.

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#who knows when life takes U-turn


Her second wish

Chapter 1

Reporter – so mam, how are you feeling today? Your all wishes have come true today!
– I wish i could say all the wishes… Have come true…But the fact is I only had two wishes. One i have completed and second…..
Well.. I am feeling happy and on the top of the world like other people feel when they win author of the year award… I am feeling same.
Reporter- mam you said you had two wishes. Which is your second wish?
– was….. Yes it was.
Reporter- so tell us mam!
– sorry…. But interview has overed.

“‘Another milestone ” my dad said to me, when I reached home with a trophy. Yes, it’s a milestone for him because it was his wish, his dream, his only demand and seeing him happy gives me happiness. From last 3 years, i had been working for this and when I have it… ,I should be overjoyed but…… I am not even happy. This is happines but the darkness that I had left behind, I gave it a light today. The only wish I had from last 18 years and was became my second wish 3 years ago and it was a stupidity according to my so called best friend.

I wish, I could had a second chance to re-live that wish.
I wish, I could stop that 18 years.
I wish, I could say something to my dad.
I wish, I could be more brave and more supportive.
I wish this, I wish that, blah, blah, blah.

But the fact is wishes are just wishes. We can with anything but we cannot complete all of them.
Some wishes and some stories are meant to be private and secret.
I wish……no…. Actually I don’t wish now….


What is your second wish????

Yes…. Second… Not first…



Who is more important?

I just finished Ravinder singh’s novel “Will you still love me”
It sounds like a love story but it is beyond a love story. A Love Story with a lesson.
I am writing this post because I want to share what I learnt from his novel

How many of us knows how to drive a car or how to ride a bike and scooty too.
Probably all.
And how many of us follows rules? Traffic rules basically ??
May be only few….
And those who follows. .. only follow these rules in front of cops. So they don’t have to pay fine.
To save ourselves from fine/challan, we wear helmet and fasten seat belts. When there is no one on road….we don’t.

Is money more important than our life ??

I’m going to ask you something.
Be loyal and answer to yourself.

-> who is the most important person in your life ?
-> what you can do for him/her?
-> can you sacrifice your life for him/her?
-> what if…. you get separated from him/her?
-> what if… he/she loses his/her life in an accident? Road accident?
-> what if…they struggle between life and death because of an accident?

It’s terrible….
Yes, it’s too scary even to imagine.

But guys !!!!
It happens. On daily basis.
Every morning we go out from our house in hope to return back. We often say; I will do this in evening. While leaving home for a daily job, a father promises his children to bring some gifts for them.
For the whole day, a wife waits for her husband to return back safely. A mother prays for her son’s well being.

But….not always their prays work.

Everyday, a hope , promise , trust breaks. And on the top of it… a life ends.

We all like speed. We want to drive fast as much as possible. We consider ourselves expert. But guys, do you have full faith that the guy next to you is an expert driver??

If you are driving your car at 80km/h…may be you are able to handle it..but…who knows if any barrier comes in front of you.

What will happen next…we all know.

To the boys:
Who consider themselves cool dudes;;
You don’t like to wear helmet. Right?.why? Because it can ruin your hairstyle.
Well yes!!!
Remember. ..
Helmet has a power to save your life.
What is more worthy….. your hair or life ?

To all the gorgeous girls;
You care about a lot of things. To protect your face from sun rays, you cover your face with a scarf and also wear sunglasses.
No doubt, these things will help to protect your skin but
Not your life..
When you meet an accident.
But while wearing helmet the chance getting injured….will definitely reduce.

Most of the parents give permission to their young kids to ride bike and drive car. They teach them riding and driving at earlier age. There is nothing bad in it.
But the thing that is bad: when parents allow them to go on road. Firstly driving/riding before 18 years is a crime.
Secondly, the chances of accident increase.
Unskilled driver drive cars on full speed…as they are young blood. But..this young is responsible of more than 40% of accidents.

Using mobile while riding/driving is not a talent. Just because you manage to do two things….it’s an act of foolish rather than smartness

We all ride/drive very fast because we want to reach at our destination on time. But guys..
What if…..
We wake up 15 minutes earlier than our daily routine. What if….. we show our speed in activities like finishing our food and dressing up.
So, when we do this….we don’t need to ride/drive fast.

HELMET: it is neither a thing to hang on bike nor a thing to save ourselves from fine.

It is a thing to protect our life. To lower the level of risk.

are not fasten when any cop is observing us.
But it is thing which we need to fasten because for someone…our life means whole world to them.

Talking/texting while riding/driving all things are nothing in front of our life.

We cannot stop things from happen.
Death…..it is written. But….. safety is in our hands.

Our life is on top…not only for us but also for our close ones.

Before putting press on accelerator….just remember. ..
Someone is waiting for you at home



Where we stand !

Everyday we read a lot of slogans, quotes, thoughts focusing on girl’s safety. But do we really pay attention towards it. Every time we like the post on girl empowerment, we do comments and share them too. But, in real life…..we really don’t care about it.

You guys may be wondering that , why today I am discussing this topic. It may be boring for most of you.

My last 3 posts were on a story…..a fiction….. but….. today I will write reality. Reality that will hurt and will surely force you to re-think

My two friends were travelling. They were not traveling on unknown road but on very familiar road and also in very familiar bus too.
All seats were full , as it was morning time. Everyone was on the way to his/her work. Morning time, whom we consider safe time….but…..it was not really safe. They both were sitting and someone captured their pics.
Not once but twice. One of them noticed and starting asking about his act. The guy started denying but the girl was really strong. She grabbed his phone and found the pics. When she asked him for his wrong act…..he had no answer. Somehow, she managed to delete that pics. She started scolding him. Her scolding was loud enough that anyone could hear but…..the fact is…..no one heard her voice. No one among passengers took her side and no one was there to support her. But, she handle situation very bravely. Even, there were two army officer but….no one paid attention. “

This incident is very common but no one bothers. WHY??
Just because. .it is a little mistake but remember these little mistakes turn into a serious crime.
If that girl wouldn’t stop him that day. ….may be he did something serious.

Everyday….. we read many news about crimes against girls and very often we say ” girls are not strong. They should learn how to fight” but….the fact is….
Girls are strong but our society is weak. Girls are capable to fight and they do….but no one stands with them.

” We say our girls to stay in limits…
But…why don’t be say our boys to learn limits.
– we put restrictions on girls….but..we never teach restrictions to boys.
– We say our girls not to wear this and that..but…why don’t we say our boys to accept the girls the way they are.
-we say our girls that don’t travel during night as time is not safe…..
But why don’t we make our society safe enough for girls “

We call ourselves modern…educated. ..but… where are our values. …
Education is nothing until we don’t have a broad mind

Stop posting…sharing stuff related to #girl_power #save_girl #respect_girl etc. etc…….Until you don’t have enough guts to stand with them….for them.

#re_think….where we stand and where we should stand


My first breakup- 3rd part

“I jumped in the air and said yes so loud.

Ring was still in his hands but…
He lost his balance and got fainted.

I rubbed his hands and gave him water but..none of my attempts were fruitful. We rushed towards hospital. Doctor examined him and said…..


How was this possible….. within few minutes…..
But doctor said… it was a sudden heart attack…..
He was no more. Within minutes….life got change. 30 minutes ago, he proposed me and now……..

he was no more with me. It was the worst thing I ever heard. That ring….. ring was still in his hand. My lifeline was now lifeless. It became difficult for me to control. I burst into tears and ran outside the hospital. His memories, his words….everything was alive in my heart,in my mind…but not he.

The day……when I finally chased my dreams…..I was about to get my love…..destiny changed everything. From happiest day of my life to worst day of my life…..I experienced everything in one day. This one day….I didn’t know what to say…..

But……for sure….I didn’t want to live anymore.
I went into my room and started searching something…..didn’t know what. ….but…I was in search of something. I found a cutter. Yes, the cutter…which I used to cut cardboard. I was crying….The rain of tears didn’t stop for a moment.

I became harsh on myself. I started killing myself. I made bigger cuts on my both arms. I cut my wrist too. My arms were bleeding. I was feeling pain but the pain of losing him forever was heavier. I felt suffocate because I was in my room where his gifts were in front of me. I came out from my room and started running. I was unable to catch my breath…..yet….I was running . I wanted to run away from this….I wanted to go to the place where he had gone.
I have no idea when a car hit me .I was in the middle of road….everything around me was becoming blur……….

The next moment I opened my eyes, I was in front of my family…..


I spent my whole day in recalling my past.

Destiny is really a strange thing.
We never had a fight….nor arguments….we understood each other very much….but this breakup. .
Yes, breakup…what else I can say to this……..?

This is what people call fate. I experienced everything in just one day.

I remember his words..
He often said these lines
” I am your L.I.C Policy.
Zindgi ke sath bhi…
Zindgi ke baad bhi”

These words always give me motivation.
From marketing head to CEO of the company. I have changed a lot. The success I gained in last 12 months, not just in professional life but also in personal life
But the thing that is still same,is: LOVE. My love for him.

I was in love with him…I am in love with him….and…I will be in love with him till my last breath